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" If you do not like seeing pictures of violence towards animals being posted, you need to help stop the violence, not the pictures." -Johnny Depp


What is Animal Abuse?

Animal abuse is "when someone harms an animal." Animal Abuse includes but is not limited to abuse, neglect, animal testing, misinformation and sheer ignorance. There are three conceptual approaches to animal cruelty, including animal welfare, Utilitarian , and Animal rights."

Why does this break your heart?

  • It breaks my heart because I love animals. My two dachshunds are basically like my little brothers and I treat them that way. But sometimes, I imagine what would happen if they belonged to an abusive owner; they would be beaten and sliced and eventually killed. The worst thing I can think of is that they starve to death. All I want to do is for this to end for good someday.-Nicolas- WHS

  • Working at an Animal Clinic, I see animal abuse cases all the time. Every time I see it, it breaks my heart. These animals are brought in by a rescue that was generous enough to bring them in on their own time. Every animal that this rescue has brought in, have been sweet and loving. The few animals they bring in that are mean, its because they were victims of dogfighting or something worse but with enough patience and love, these animals became to trust us again. Animals do not have a voice, they can not stand up for themselves. We need to be the voice they do not have. These sweet animals do not deserve all this hate. Animals are mankind's greatest friend because no matter what, these animals we love us till the very end. So we need to spread awareness to prevent this horrible event. - Erika- FBS

  • I will be going to college this coming fall to be a veterinarian, I love animals so much. I hate going to animal rescue places because I just want to give every one of those cute animals a home. I personally have three dogs and I love every single one of them. Please join this group and make a difference in this world. Put your best foot forward and let us fight for the ones that do not have a voice. This can only happen if we all join together and stop this cruelty. -Shawn- FBS

  • Animal abuse breaks my heart because it is a shame that any human being should ever think about harming an animal or injuring it. I love to see organization and people take in abused animals and make them feel loved and cared for. The only way we can take a stand is if everyone steps up and helps stop this tragedy. -Cameron-WHS

  • The reason this breaks my heart so much is because it is so hard to see people mistreat and hurt animals. It breaks my heart when the commercials for animal abuse come on. I also don't know how people can live with their self-knowing what they do. -Spence WHS

  • This topic breaks my heart because I love dogs and I've always have. I have four dogs and I love them all equally and if anything harmful happened to them it would break my heart. Animals don't deserve to be harmed or neglected in any way, they are supposed to be loved and taken care of. -Matthew-FBS

  • The reason that animal abuse breaks my heart is because there are thousands of animals out there that are suffering because of their owners neglecting the animals for no reason at all. One type of neglect in my community is starvation of the horses and the cows. Tomppy DMS

  • The reason animal a breaks my heart is because the animals have to life the rest of their life in fear and pain because their owner is troubled, can't afford food, or just doesn't like their animal. The owners are mostly ill-tempered or don't have any better ways to get rid of their anger than to hurt the animal. -RobertWolverine022016

  • Animal abuse breaks my heart because I have always felt a very strong connection with every animal I meet. Animal abuse is also my number one concern in life because so many people think they are anti-animal abuse, but many eat meat and don't realize that the meat industry is the #1 source of animal cruelty and abuse. Literally billions of animals from factory farms alone die each year, for humankind's own selfish reasons. Help us end this terrible animal cruelty. -Lauren FBS

  • Animal abuse breaks my heart because animals make people happy, so why would you want to cause harm to an animal who didn't do anything to you in the first place? I don't personally own a pet, hut my life does consist of animals. I want to be a vet, so I try to have animals in my life. I do a sport called equestrian vaulting, and it is gymnastics and dance on a moving horse. We learn to tale care of the horse and other animals too. -MyaLou RCA

Research and Facts About Animal Abuse


Why should other care about Animal Abuse?

We should care about animal abuse because animals are born to love and generate happiness. According to a 6-year-old boy, " People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life, like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right? Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long." If they were born to love and care for us, then why are we abusing them? Everyone wants love and that is what these animals are giving us. Would you hit your mom for loving you? I believe that is a no, then why do it to animals? Even though animals cannot talk, we know they love us and would do anything for us. Seeing these animals suffer and hurt should break your heart because no matter what you do to them they still love you.

App Features

Suggestion: Locate animal shelters that do not euthanize.-RobertWolverine022016-DMS
Suggestion: Locate and include adoption shelters and locations to get the animals healthy food-RobertWolverine022016-DMS
Suggestion: Show facts about animal abuse such as showing types of animal abuse and the effects.
Suggestion: Show which animals tend to get abused more than others.
Suggestion: Tips to stop animal abuse and the signs of animal abuse.
Suggestion: How many animals are hurt each year.
Suggestion: Facts about shelters around you.
Suggestion: Add link In order for people to sign up to volunteer at local animal hospitals / shelters.
Suggestion: Show how animals get abused.
Suggestion: Show animals that are up for adoption.
Suggestion: Link the events that help animals that are abused. Tomppy DMS
Suggestion: Add famous people who were against animal abuse - maybe quotes or bios
Suggestion: show major animal shelters
Suggestion: also show the back round of the animal shelters, like wha they do, and how they operate
This is a map of the animal shelters in the U.S.

Future App Brainstorm


Students Mapping this Heartbreak

Spence- WHS

App Name Ideas

1. Safe Shelter
2. Voices for pets
3. Animal Care
4. Animal safety
5. Paw power
6. Animals have lives
7. Pawesome Protection
8. Protection for Paws
9. Save the Animals
10.Wonderful Pawesome Pets
11. ANIMALS (Alliance Neglecting Illegal Murder and Animal Loving Society)
12. Animal Protection
13. Dog Guard Dog
14. Fight for Animal Rights
15. Animal Protection Perfection
16. Pet Protection
17. Animal Fortress
18. Love our Animals
19. Be an Animal Supporter
20. Bite Animal Abuser Back
21. Paws for Paws
22. Operation Rescue
23. Save a Life
24. Last Chance
25. PAWS ( Pets are Worth Saving)
26. Tiny Paws and Claws
27. Critter Crusaders
28. ARR! ( Animals Rights Rock!)
29. Tails of the Forgotten
30. Soul Survivors
31. One Matters
32. Change a Life
33. Animal App
34. Paw in Paw
35. Pawtection
36. Animal Abuse App
37. Less Pain for Animals
38. Paws for Paws
39. Furry Angels
40. Paws Crossed
41. Crossed Paws
42. Save a Soul
43. Paws for a Cause
44. Be the Voice
45.Treats Not Beats
46.Refuse Abuse
47.Hugs for Pugs
48.PPAA (pets and people against abuse)
49. Furry Best Friends
50. No Excuse for Abuse
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