Welcome to Driver Middle School!

The new school year brought many changes. Our school was relocated to a newly constructed building on the Winchester Community High School campus and the related arts were placed inside the high school building.

In addition to our move, our curriculum has been transformed by the implementation of a new 1:1 iPad program for grades 6 - 8. All of the students are using technology to collaborate, publish work, embed multimedia, and create portfolios.

This is why the mobile app development program fits in perfectly with our curriculum. The eighth-grade students volunteered to participate in MAD About Mattering as a part of their "Thinking Thursday" genius hour project in visual arts.

There are four class periods involved, each with a small group of students willing to be challenged with designing an app that will solve a heartbreak. Each of the students will be collaborating with their classmates and others to write and publish information about how to mend their heartbreaks to help others in the world using Wikispaces.