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Gun safety is intended to avoid accidents and to eliminate the risks of unintentional death, injury or damage caused by improper possession, storage, or handling of firearms. Gun safety has courses to better understand about firearms. gun safety

‍Why does this break your heart?

This breaks my heart because people who don't know about guns may have accidental discharges that lead to death. When kids play around with firearms because their parents aren't taking enough precautions with guns they lead to accidents that should've been prevented. I think gun safety classes should be mandatory for all kids. Keith FBS

This breaks my heart because when you think about the people on the USA Olympic shooting team they are helping America and they are people supporting the sport. It’s not just the competitive shooting, there’s the army, marines corps, etc. Why take guns away when it's not the gun killing people, it the people behind the gun pulling the trigger? Everyone has their own choices. ~ Delaney WHS

I believe gun safety is very important. Many people die every day from not knowing how to use a gun. I think people should respect guns a lot more because of the damage that it can cause. Guns are very fun to shoot but you need to learn the gun before you shoot one. I love shooting guns but i follow rules such as keep the safety on at all times to limit the risk of casualties- Will FBS

This breaks my heart because the gun isn't the one killing someone it's the person behind it. IF the government takes away people's guns because they think it's the gun killing people, then we won't be able to fight for our country. I think that guns are fun to shoot so if people learn how to use the right and control them, then our country wouldn't have this problem. - Tyler FBS

This breaks my heart because a lot of people don't respect guns. They don't use them correctly. I'm a gun owner myself and I respect my guns. Another reason why I am not happy that some people are not respecting guns is the government use these accidents and murders that a small percentage of gun owners actually commit as reasons for gun control. (These are my words. I did not get any of this information from an outside source.) - CWells DMS
It's terrible how people use guns for unlawful and unrighteous purposes like murder. This breaks my heart because more and more people every day are using guns in awful ways and this is reflecting on the gun community. Unfortunately, if this continues, our
second amendment rights may be restricted in the future. If people would not use guns incorrectly, we wouldn't have this unfortunate
problem. - DrewBrews DMS

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Why should other people care about this heartbreak?

People should care about this because the government may take away guns. We can't fight wars, protect our family, and defend ourselves without these weapons. The world is a dangerous place, and we need to speak out against gun control. The Republicans are already speaking out against gun control. Given this fact, there are far too many people out there promoting gun control. (These are my words.) - Cwells DMS


Gun Safety
‍-Stats and Gun Accidents
Gun specialists
- How to be safe
-Diagram of a gun
by Keith FBS

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Instructions for handling a firearm correctly and safely, and reasons why gun control isn't as effective solution to gun violence - CWells2016
  • a page of our thoughts and concerns
  • a page of all the reasons why gun controls won't work
  • a page of all the reasons how guns have created a decrease the crime rate
  • a page of different of the stats of the recent crime rates of all crimes etc..

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I like this app lay out because it allows you to add and create your on ideas and put them in the app.

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So like for this page we could put a quick definition or example of what we are dong and what we are about then add different pictures to this.

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On this page we could put the things like 1.handling guns 2.gun works with your guns and any other ideas. If you have anything better ideas to go here please put it in your opinion.

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For this page we could any kind of facts, new updates about the marshal law and hows its not going to work, or or any ideas yall have. please please leave your ideas.

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This could be a page for on of the facts, new updates, anything and we could add a link to where we got our ideas from including a picture of our thoughts. -DelaneyWHS
http://www.artofm -DelaneyWHS -DelaneyWHS

Students Mapping this Heartbreak

Delaney C ~ WHS
Dawson S ~ FBS
Tyler H ~ FBS
CWells ~ DMS
DrewB - DMS
Keith K ~ FBS
Brandon W ~ FBS
Drew S ~ RCA

How to handle a firearm

Here is a good link on how to handle a gun

Gun safety__]] is intended to avoid accidents and to eliminate the risks of unintentional death, injury or damage caused by improper possession, storage, or handling of firearms. There were 47,000 unintentional firearm deaths worldwide in 2013.[1]
Parts of a gun .Dawson savage