Current Project Announcements

All pitches are due by Monday, May 2 at 5pm. Final pitch pages are linked from the homepage. Online judging will happen and by Thursday, May 5, we'll announce 3-5 finalists who will present online on Tuesday, May 10 at 3:45 pm EDT. Stay tuned and good luck!

Description of this Heartbreak

Why does this break your heart?

Research and Facts About this Heartbreak

Why should other people care about this heartbreak?

Heartbreak Creations

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Adding Students to the Wiki

Click on "Members"
Click on "Invite"
At the bottom of the popup window, choose Switch to Bulk User Creator
Choose this wiki as the place to add students and then choose either a spreadsheet or writing in names
The above tutorial shows how to do this when adding students with no email.
Remember to use first names only + school code (usually 3 letters to identify your school, like 'BCA')

Tutorial Videos and Help Pages

The following pages are tutorials or help files to help you do things on the project. If you make a tutorial video, make sure you tag the page "tutorial" and if you make a help page, tag it "help" and our wiki will automatically add the page to this list.

Tutorial videos

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