How to Set up a Live Event with Another Classroom

1. If you see an overlap between your classroom and another one on the project, contact the other teacher to see if you can connect.
2. Put the handshake event on the classtimes calendar with start and end times.
3. Give a courtesy email to project organizers so they can let everyone know.

Options for Meeting with Other Classrooms:

  • Google Hangout
  • Skype
  • Zoom Room (Contact Lisa Durff for setup for this)

What do you do during a live event?

  • Prior to the meeting, determine with the other teacher what you'll be sharing and the questions you'll be asking each other.
  • Plan ahead which students will address each topic.
  • You may also have students submit questions for the other classroom to answer and share those.
  • TOPICS should be those that help students either: a) get to understand the other culture or b) facilitate the aims of the project (for example, they can share some of their heartbreaks and why)