• Phase I Judges are invited to judge the apps created by students during the MAD About Mattering Alpha Pilot Spring 2016 Project. Phase I Judging will take place between Monday May 2 8:30 pm EDT and Wednesday May 4 12:00 noon EDT.
  • Judges are invited to attend the Awards Ceremony May 10 3:45 pm EDT.

Timeline for Judging MADAboutMattering Pilot Spring 2016

  • Judging starts: Monday May 2 at 8:30 pm
  • Master List of Apps finalized and locked: Monday May 2 4:00 pm
  • All round-one judging to be finalized by: Wednesday May 4 12:00 pm
  • Meta-judging to be [[#|completed]] by: Thursday, May 5
  • Awards Ceremony scheduled for: Tuesday May 10 3:45 pm Online

Overview of "Judging"

The aim of judging is to:
  • Recognize the top projects created as part of the alpha pilot project of MAD about mattering in Spring of 2016
  • Provide research-based feedback on student work and suggest improvements to future projects.
  • Serve as a sounding board for procedures and processes in order to improve student collaborative [[#|app development]] best practices in the future.
  • Spread the message that students are capable of creating, inventing, and collaborating to build apps that make a difference in the world.

This is to be done using the prepared rubric in combination with an online form (in order to identify outright 'winners').

How does the judging work?

Phase 1 Judging

  • All apps, trailers, pitches, and any associated information will be posted on the final app pitch wiki pages before the wiki is locked.
  • Teachers will decide which apps are ready to proceed to Phase I Judging during the May 2 Teachers' Meeting. The only apps that will be redlighted at this phase will be those who do not meet the minimum criteria established by teachers for judging.
  • Phase I Judges will begin judging Monday May 2 at 8:30 pm.
  • Review all apps first and [[#|choose your]] top 4.
  • Complete one [[#|survey]] form for each of these your top four apps.
  • Results are tallied and winners from each app are sent to the Meta-Judges for final review by Wednesday May 4 at noon.
  • The Meta-Judges submits the final overall winners, and all topic and meta-winners are added to the Awards wiki AFTER the online Awards Ceremony.

Phase 1 Meta-Judging

Our meta-judges for this project are:

Tammy Neil
Nathan Stevens

The purpose of meta-judging is to ensure good feedback to teams and to normalize scores and produce the overall top 5 teams for this project to be submitted for the live round of judging in the finals.

Final Judging

  • The final judging process will include 10% global voting.
  • All judges of the finals will be given access to student wikis and the MAD-Store app in order to access, view and test student apps.
  • Students will have a live pitch and question and answer session with the judges at the finals on May 10 at 3:45 pm.
  • Presentations will happen live and judges will ask questions and give live feedback.
  • The winners will be announced online by Thursday, May 12.

Who is qualified to judge?

We encourage educators interested in learning to assess higher order thinking skills to be involved. We want people who can give feedback on the methodologies employed to move towards improving our assessment of such projects.

How do I sign up to judge?

  1. Sign Ups are now closed
  2. If you are not a member of this wiki already:
    • Join this wiki
    • Wait for approval - you will receive an e-mail noting your approval.

  1. Be available to review/judge the apps according to the timeline.

Phase I Judges

Twitter Handle
Geographical Location
Dr. Tim Green
California State University
Dr. Lee Graham
University of Alaska Southwest
Dr. Mark Weston
retired Dean at Georgia Tech
Dr. Elaine Roberts
[[#|Wheaton College]]
Dr. Cyndi Kuhn
Kansas State University
Alice Barr
Yarmouth High School
Rick Burkett
Tuscarora School District
Bron Stuckey
Global [[#|Education Consultant]]
James Gates
Jennifer Nicholas
PhD Candidate

Shane Synder
PhD Candidate Walden University