Phase I Judges

Paragrph Bio
Dr. Tim Green
California State University
Tim Green.jpg
Dr. Lee Graham
University of Alaska Southwest
Lee Graham.jpg
Dr. Mark Weston
retired Dean at Georgia Tech
Mark Weston.jpg
Dr. Elaine Roberts
Wheaton College
Elaine Roberts.jpg
Dr. Cyndi Kuhn
Kansas State University
Alice Barr
Yarmouth High School
Alice Barr.jpeg
Rick Burkett
Tuscarora School District
Rick Burkett, Prinicipal of Innovation, Tuscarora School District, PA.jpe
Bron Stuckey
Global Education Consultant
bron stuckey.jpg
James Gates
James Gates.jpe
Jennifer Nicholas
PhD Candidate

Shane Snyder
PhD Candidate in Education Technology at Walden University

Shane Snyder.jpg
Meta Judges
Tammy Neil
Computer Science Educator,
Branford High School, FL
Tammy Neil.png
Nathan Stevens
Assistant Director of METRC,
North Carolina State University
Nathan Stevens.JPG

Final Judges

Jaime Casap
Jaime Casap is the Chief Education Evangelist at Google. Jaime evangelizes the power and potential of the web, technology, and Google tools as enabling and supporting capabilities in pursuit of fostering inquiry-driven project-based learning models.
Jaime Casap.jpg

Rohit Agarwal
Co-founder of TenMarks Education and General Manager of Amazon K-12 Education. An experienced entrepreneur, Rohit founded TenMarks in 2008 to power a new generation of math learners and support classroom instruction with a comprehensive online math curriculum. In October 2013, TenMarks was acquired by Amazon and now Rohit oversees Amazon’s K-12 education programs, including curriculum, platforms, and consumer products.


Joseph South
Joseph South, Director of the Office of Educational Technology, has extensive experience establishing and scaling educational technology solutions in startup, corporate, non-profit, and higher education settings. He was most recently Senior Director at K12 Inc where he performed double duty as a strategic consultant on higher education initiatives while directing K-12 curriculum development offices in Utah and Oklahoma.
Joseph South.jpg

Ankur Goel
Vice President, Product Strategy (Mobile & Web) - Crescerance | Ed-Tech


Ari Schorr
Ari is on the Education Product Marketing team at Microsoft that works closely with engineering on prioritizing and messaging features in OneNote, Sway, and other related apps and services. He has been an advocate with teachers for OneNote as a free app, cross-platform and integrated with Office 365. He launched OneNote Class Notebook for teachers to set up OneNote in their classrooms and now OneNote Staff Notebook for school administrator collaboration. He is now focused on marketing the new Microsoft Classroom.
Ari Schorr Headshot (2).png