Hello, Mad About Mattering Dream Team!
I'm happy to be a part of this Alpha group to create and refine the curriculum for app creation using Mad-Learn. My reasons for registering for Mad About Mattering are:
  1. Continue the Mad-Learn lessons with my 8th-grade art students and complete the entire program.
  2. Collaborate with other schools and allow my students to share ideas and build an app.
  3. Improve my students' technology skills by sharing learning opportunities that are outside the normal scope of the curriculum.

Prior Planning with Administration & Technology Department:
  • Emailed information about Mad-Learn to principal.
  • Met with the principal about getting Wikispaces unblocked during school hours. (I'm able to work from home.)
  • Followed technology procedures to submit a Help Desk Ticket to request Wikispaces for teacher and students to be unblocked during school hours.
  • Face to Face meeting with tech department to ask for permission to open a class Twitter account.
  • Face to Face meeting with the principal to request permission to open classroom Twitter account... principal will ask superintendent.
  • Emailed follow up about unblocking Wikispaces and open classroom Twitter account.
  • Email: Requesting additional help to unblock Wiki at school... BCC Vicki Davis
  • Additional Email and Face to Face meetings were required to get permission to use a Wiki and get it unblocked.
  • Wiki Opened: 2/19
  • Wiki Connections Open at DMS for Students 2/24/16!
  • Blog Connection:
  • Trello Connection: 3/30 The students are boarding Trello.(DMS was on spring break when everyone else was joining Trello)
  • Mad-Learn: 3/30 The students are testing their sign in and creating new passwords.
  • Emailing principal to ask about Twitter 4/2

Teacher Set Up and Planning Stages:
  • Register for the Program
  • Have Accounts or Create: Wikispaces, Skype, Twitter- professional and classroom account, Google Calendar, Wordpress...
  • Attend Online Meetings: Zoom Room - Monday evenings
  • Share Keynote: Angela Maiers
  • 2/20 Set-up School Greeting Page
  • Upload Student Handshakes
  • 2/29 The Blog is open. NOTE: Student Sign In works best using the Foxfire browser.
  • 3/3 Last day for students to select an app team/campaign... Adding Heartbreak Statements and website Links.
  • Time-out 3/4 & 3/5 ISTA Good Teaching Conference... Learning sessions: Microsoft Office Mix, Microsoft Sway, and Microsoft OneNote presented by Marcie Lear.
  • Spring Break: 3/19 - 3/27 Flex time to allow for time off from school. (I worked Monday through Thursday during break to manage three teams. I left comments for the following teams on Trello for Cancer, Addiction, and School Stress.
  • Sharing Mad-Learn Lessons 3 & 4.
  • Connecting to Trello & Mad-Learn... catch-up work due to being on spring break last week.
  • The boys could view Vicki's tutorial of lesson 3, but 4 would not play. I emailed lesson 4 separately 3/30 and it played.
  • Uncovered a problem with one of the password connections to the wiki on April Fool's Day and it wasn't a joke. I connected on Skype with Lisa and she confirmed the student's name and password to correct it.
  • Problems with teammates receiving email notifications from Trello. (Blocked by school filter)
  • Sway is a new presentation tool introduced to the students to use for their final presentations.

Prior Planning with Students and Parents:

Week 1: The students interested in pursuing the Mad-Learn app creation project were given a Parent Permission Form to have signed by one of their parents/guardians to participate. NOTE: I downloaded the form provided for this project from the wiki. Each student is required to have a parent permission form signed to participate in the Mad-Learn Program. Age requirements: Only students 13 - 18 years of age are allowed to participate.

Week 2: Student Handshakes: Inform students and parents about the Mad About Mattering weekly calendar of events.
Class work: Handout of Mad-Learn Form: Pre-Project Student Interest Survey & Pre-Test / Post- Test: 20 questions
Prepare Students for Skype and GoogleHangout experiences. Class Community Circle
[Wiki Space alternative... Google Docs] Students are writing about our school using the following headings: School Culture, Geography, Things your school is known for, Local Interest, Things students like to do on the weekends, Things students like to do for hobbies, Popular Sports, Mascot Name, Accomplishments of school & classroom.

Week 3: The students will continue this week to combined videos and photos about our school and publish it on our school's handshake. Introduce Angela Maiers to each class and share her keynote video. Students will write a blog post as a reflection to publish it to the wiki about her video next week.
  • NOTE: Wikispaces was unblocked for student use on 2/19/16. This was due to our school's Internet filter, Light-speed, not allowing the wiki to open.

Week 4: "Synergy Week for DMS!" Well, the day started off with a connection to the Wikispace and then... we could not join because that code was being blocked by Lightspeed again. My students were sent to the IT department to ask what was going on. So, the IT started looking into why it was happening because everyone in IT thought that the problem with Lightspeed was fixed.
  1. We will persevere regardless of our current tech glitch. Vicki has contacted Adam to see if it can be fixed. If not, the students will be added manually from the back side. I'm sending a Google spreadsheet of my students to Lisa Durff for some assistance getting them added to the wiki.
  2. OR>>> I'll ask Jonathan Butler to unblock Wikispaces to allow the students to join and then he/IT can block it again. (My thought about this idea is they might have been added to the wiki, but they can't access it at school regardless of being added.)

OH HAPPY DAY! 2-24-16 DMS is finally on Wikispaces! I have three boys connected. Tomorrow, we will start uploading our Handshakes and adding to the Wiki and view the keynote.

Week 5: Teachers commenting on Heartbreaks will start this week. My assigned MAD teams are Mental Illness, People with Special Needs Matter, You Matter-More People Need to Know They Matter, and Stress Caused from School.
  1. Students are to select a heartbreak by March 3rd

Week 6: Lisa shared a tutorial with the group and added a photo to my page.
RED Light, Yellow Light, and Green Light Week. Students need to be working to comment and discuss app features for their app and build a team of 10+ students from different schools. Teamwork and collaboration are needed by each team in order to get a green light.

Week 7: 3/14 GREEN Light teams to move to app development are: Addiction, Animal Abuse, Bullying, and Poverty!

Week 8: 3/21 Spring Break... Monitoring Trello Boards
  • Creating Boards:To Do, In Progress, (WIP) Work In Progress, Done.
  • Collaborating on the wiki to join the Trello Account as members.
  • Vote for Project Managers and Assistant Project Managers.
  • Selecting Colors.
  • Creating a Logo.
  • Organizing Workload for the week+.

Week 9: 3/28 Teacher Meeting on Tuesday this week.
Returning from Break: Introducing DMS students to the Trello boards and how to sign up and sign in.
3/30 Scheduled appointment to speak with my principal, Mr. Osborn, about our progress, using...
  1. Wiki spaces
  2. Introduction to Trello and Mad-Learn.
  3. In addition, set an appointment to schedule and connect online with Kathryn and Elizabeth. (Organizing plans for the week of the 11th - 15th.)
April 24th - 28th: The students are moving at a faster pace with their teammates on Trello to complete the apps by May 2nd.
  • The App screens/pages are being checked and finalized on an Alpha Testing Google Sheet.
  • App Trailers are being created by each team to publish on Wikispaces.
  • Editing and Citations are being enforced.
  • YouTube has a [filter] button to click and select Creative Commons videos.
  • The Judging Rubric was improved and will be shared 4-25-16.
  • Wikispaces has all the apps and their numbers linked to preview.
  1. SWAY Presentations 3 -5 minutes
  2. Trailers 30 seconds minimum
  3. Q/A
  4. 5 Screenshots
Team Leaders for this Week's Troubleshooting/Questions
Wiki: Vicki
Rubric: Dawn
App: Lisa and Kathryn
Meta-Judges: Susan
Trailers: Natalie
Trailer Assistance: Junior & RCA Students

May 2 by 5:00 p.m. Deadline for app creation and video pitch on Wikispaces for 1st Judging.

Note: Twitter has not been opened for student or faculty use at school.


  • The Blog is open. NOTE: Student Sign In works best using the Foxfire browser.

Please take the first five minutes of class to connect to www.artsonia.com and vote for the Artist of the Week.
Remember to add artwork to your Artsonia account during the last nine weeks too.