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Description of this Heartbreak

A (Disabiliy) limits a person's abilities. People with (Special Needs) matter. The (Statistics of Special Needs) is unbelievable. When it comes down to (Aging and Special needs), the numbers don't get better. We can help with (Our Attention) and help at events.The video below is an example of what we are trying to achieve.

Why does this break your heart?

My aunt was in a car accident when she was 16 and was thrown from the car. She is now paralyzed in half of her body. Her disability makes this project dear to me. Leann - WHS

My papa had a stroke and since, he has been paralyzed and is unable to speak now. He is a special needs person and that is why this project is in my heart. Darrah - WHS

Sometimes I put myself in the shoes of an individual with special needs and think, I wonder how their daily life goes? We take our abilities for granted instead of being grateful for them. Jonte - WHS

I have the privilege of being able to babysit 8-year-old twins with special needs. There is never a dull moment with them and I am grateful to have them in my life. Loren - WHS

My cousin, Grier, has cerebral palsy, which is a neurological disorder that impairs body movement and coordination. Through much grueling treatment, she is able to walk on her own and live a relatively normal lifestyle. She still has to fight every day to live the lifestyle she wants to keep living. She inspires me to contribute to fixing this heartbreak. Gambill - WHS

Research and Facts About this Heartbreak

- When you hear about people becoming disabled through an accident, you always think it could never happen to you, and you almost look at it like a TV show or movie -- something that could never be your reality. But the cold-hard truth is that accidents that cause disabilities happen every day, and they could likely happen to you or someone you know. The realness of this possibility is tangible in all lives, but when you have a disability you're just a bit more aware of it. (10 Things The World Can Learn From People With Disabilities)
- Only 10 U.S. studies have been conducted on the connection between bullying and developmental disabilities but all of these studies found that children with disabilities were two to three times more likely to be bullied than their nondisabled peers. One study shows that 60 percent of students with disabilities report being bullied regularly compared with 25 percent of all students. (National Bully Prevention Center,2015)
- Physical disability is defined as when a person's physical functioning, mobility, dexterity, or stamina is limited.(What is a disability)
- About 74.6 million people live with a disability. This makes up the largest minority group in the U.S.(Facts about Physical Disabilities)
- Women report higher incidents of disability than men. Approximately 27 million women have a disability. (Physical Disabilities)
- Ninety percent of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school(Statistics)
- Nineteen percent of kids in America are classified as special needs. (Statistics)

Why should other people care about this heartbreak?

- I think other people should care about this Heartbreak because they don't realize how much of a problem it is that disabled people are being treated like they don't matter.
-People should care about this heartbreak because people often just feel sorry for those with special needs rather than actually make them feel like they matter.

App Feature Suggestions

Students Mapping this Heartbreak

Leann - WHS
Darrah - WHS
Loren - WHS

App Idea Names

1) Deeds for Disabled
2) A Day in our Shoes
3) Specialneedz
4) iSpecialNeeds
5) iDisability
6) iHelp
7) Special needs Plea
8) iSpecialEvents
9) Special Connections
10) In Special Shoes
11) Special Heroes
12) Mean to Need
13) EXTRAordinary
14) iSpeak
15) Hear Us
16) We Learn
17) People With Special Needs Matter
18) I'm Special
19) iMatter
20) We Matter Too
21) We All Matter
22) We Are All Special To Each other
23) Special Needs Means More Than Anything
24) Everybody Matter
25) Day In The Life Of Special Needs
26) Special Needs Rules
27) Everybody's Equal
28) IFit
29) IBelong
30) IStand