Current Project Announcements

All pitches are due by Monday, May 2 at 5pm. Final pitch pages are linked from the homepage. Online judging will happen and by Thursday, May 5, we'll announce 3-5 finalists who will present online on Tuesday, May 10 at 3:45 pm EDT. Stay tuned and good luck!

Description of this Heartbreak

Why does this break your heart?

Research and Facts About this Heartbreak

Why should other people care about this heartbreak?

Heartbreak Creations

Timeline (Tentative)

What is the timeframe for this project? Handshake? Celebration?
  • Complete the framework and planning documents - January 9, 2016
  • Hold an information meeting - Week of January 12
  • Applications due - January 22
  • Teacher kickoff meeting - February 1
  • Student handshake - the first week of February
  • Keynote and blog responses - February 3
  • February - Phase 1 - Internal pitch process (schools come up with their ideas to share and pitch to the other schools)
  • Last week of February - Transition phase - pitches uploaded, students sign up for teams.
  • March - Phase 2 - Collaborative App development begins, student leadership training for project managers and assistant project managers begins, mentor meetings (2nd and 3rd week of March)
  • Last week of March - Transition phase - current pitch and project evaluations, some students may choose to join another team, app trailers due, public feedback phase
  • April - Phase 3 - Final app development - use public feedback, prepare pitches, competition rounds begin for app funding and proposal.
  • May - Phase 4 - Celebration & Competition.
    • First week of May - Online app competition and pitches, app websites and material ready, feedback from judges.
    • Second week of May - Student summits - Students present what they’ve learned for a global audience (modeled after Flat Classroom student summits - these are powerful), student reflections due.
NOTE: This timeline may change. After the other three classrooms are selected, we will discuss specific issues with timeframe. Vicki’s school is out the week of May 20th so efforts will be made to get this done by then. Some dates may be changed for standardized testing or exams in some schools.