We strive to bring justice to the broken and oppressed and to break the chains of slavery.

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Break the Chains is an app with the mission of stopping sex trafficking before it happens. This app gives you reliable data in a compiled format, making it easier to find. In addition, we have common signs of trafficking so you can identify the problem before it gets bad. We have also provided a rescue hotline number so that you will be able to call for help if you find out someone is being trafficked.
  • Data- reliable data in a compiled format
  • Signs- common signs of trafficking so you can identify the problem before it gets bad
  • Rescue Hotline- number to reach so that you can call for help if you know or suspect someone is being trafficked

App Questions

What is my user getting by downloading this app? This app shows people reasons why they matter, even when they think they do not.

Is my app just a bundle of various app links? Or is it really providing some functionality as an app to the user who downloads it?
This app's main functional capabilities are to provide users with quick and easy to find information on a very large, ominous subject.

Does your app work as advertised?

Does your app have undocumented or hidden features?

Is your app unique and not just websites pulled together? Does it have entertainment value?
No, this is app is not an entertainment app, but rather an app designed to give users valuable information on how to prevent sex trafficking.

Is your app just a marketing tool or does it do anything else?
This app is not a marketing tool, but a way to prevent a terrible injustice to our society.

Do you have any tricks or fake functionality that isn't clearly marked?
No, everything that is said to work, works.

Do you mention other apps in your app? If so, what and how?

Is every app screen completed with text on it?

Do you use the same font and font size throughout the document? Do you use title case? Have you alpha tested and made sure all buttons work?
Yes, everything is consistent through out the app.

Do all of your buttons link to pages that are the same name as the button? Do all buttons on all pages work?
Yes, all of the buttons are linked correctly and work as described.

What copyright have you selected?
Creative commons

Team Names

(PM, APM, Trailer Director, Graphic Designer, Production Manager, Lead Editor, Writer, Proofreader, Quality Assurance Tester, Beta Tester, Alpha tester, Social Media/ Marketing Manager etc.) Do not put your school id here.
Elijah f. (PM)
Nicole c. (APM)
Jonathan g. (Graphic designer)
Alex p. (proof reader)
Jordan D.
ahmari w.
kinley g.
Abby k.
zach h.
jedediah h.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

2. You should cite sources of information in context where they are mentioned.
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3. Permission for use of any videos that they did not create. (Document video permissions in the same screen you used for #1 above?)
No they are all Creative Commons


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