Current Project Announcements

All pitches are due by Monday, May 2 at 5pm. Final pitch pages are linked from the homepage. Online judging will happen and by Thursday, May 5, we'll announce 3-5 finalists who will present online on Tuesday, May 10 at 3:45 pm EDT. Stay tuned and good luck!

Description of this Heartbreak

Why does this break your heart?

Research and Facts About this Heartbreak

Why should other people care about this heartbreak?

Heartbreak Creations

What is your heartbreak? What about the world breaks your heart? Why?
In the first step of this project, you'll be creating heartbreak maps and sharing research on your topic. This page will link to the major topics of heartbreaks. If you and students from another school have the same heartbreak, you will be sharing your research and artistic creations on the same page. Ask your teacher to add your topic to this page.

TIP: If you click on your topic and it is a new page, please use the Heartbreak Mapping Template and click OK to save it.

How does Heartbreak Mapping Work?

Students from different schools are connecting about a heartbreak. As we move through heartbreaks we must see at least 10 students FROM DIFFERENT SCHOOLS on a heartbreak to move forward. So, you not only have to explain the heartbreak but you have to recruit other students to join with you to work on a heartbreak. Share your ideas. Talk to your teacher about specific rules relating to heartbreaks.

Green Light

Green lighted schools should: a) select a Project manager (PM) and Assistant Project manager (APM) and any other jobs as you see fit. Please list these on the top of your page. They must be from different schools. b) Work with your teacher to create a trello board and invite all team mates and teachers to the board for assigning tasks and work c) emails will be collected and provided to Crescerance for set up (work with your teacher for this), and d) select your app name, start discussing colors, ideas, and logos or select one or two team members to come up with "mock ups" or ideas for logos.

Yellow Light

The following are issues preventing the team from receiving the green light. The site maps are the most important thing. You can make a list of features and also have a mind map.
    • Cancer - Cancer connection - will need an external source to pull from/send users to (green light) 3/21/16 12:46 pm EDT

Red Light

Student Heartbreak Topics

Under evaluation. topics have been moved to the appropriate section above as evaluated.

Topics that Will Move to App Development

When your team has 10 students (from at least 2 different schools, let your teacher know. The teachers will review to make sure that it meets the qualifications to move to the next round of work: app ideation and development. The teachers will link the Phase 1 Heartbreaks below when it is "official." Feel free to join any app. After Thursday, March 3, those heartbreaks that have not made it to the next stage will have their students be able to move to other apps. At the current time, there should be no more than 10 students per app without permission from organizers. (Some may have to go over, but not at the beginning.)
  • What will be the first heartbreak to make it to the next round of development?

NEEDS MEMBERS.submitted to Crescerance for review 3/16/2016 11:10 am EDTDomestic Violence
Stress Caused from School -Adoption is an Option - Closed due to lack of members.

  • Self Harm STILL NEEDS a few more MEMBERS -- will Depression group join, please? Sending to Crescerance for Review 3/17/201 12:44 pm

  • Addiction - Clearly explain your features and this can move ahead.
People with Mental Illness and Physical Disabilities Matter
You need more members and to complete work on app features in order to move forward. LD. You need more members and to complete work on app features in order to move forward. LD. You need more members and to complete work on app features in order to move forward. LDneed to combine the ideas of both groups in a single mind map
3/17/2016 received greenlight
  • War - NEEDS MEMBERS. If you could recruit some of the really strong members of the "Gangs and Drug Wars" teams, this could make a strong team. It needs a sitemap and features ASAP. If you cannot recruit or get a site map by Wednesday evening, then you should consider joining other teams. But this has a lot of potential especially if you can recruit some of the superstars from that previous wik