Current Project Announcements

All pitches are due by Monday, May 2 at 5pm. Final pitch pages are linked from the homepage. Online judging will happen and by Thursday, May 5, we'll announce 3-5 finalists who will present online on Tuesday, May 10 at 3:45 pm EDT. Stay tuned and good luck!

Description of this Heartbreak

Why does this break your heart?

Research and Facts About this Heartbreak

Why should other people care about this heartbreak?

Heartbreak Creations

Teacher Agreement

NOTE: This agreement added to and written by all teachers in the project. If you propose changes, please communicate this to other teachers and project organizers to agree upon the changes here.

All teachers are responsible for all students in the project. Every teacher in the project is a teacher of every student. What this means is any teacher can assess, applaud, or advise any student at any time. That said, all grades and permanent assessments are to be done by the student's primary teacher on the project.

Concerns over student behavior.
Additionally, all disciplinary concerns should be addressed to the teacher's primary teacher. Typically if problems occur, a userid will be temporarily banned while the issue is investigated or until the issue is resolved. Project organizers reserve the right to ban a student from the project, however this has never been necessary in the past.

Reporting of innappropriate behavior
We encourage all learners to learn how to take a screen shot, save the screen shot, and to report any behavior lacking in digital etiquette, cultural sensitivity, or awareness of individual differences to an adult (such as a teacher) involved in this project.