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Description of this Heartbreak

Texting while driving is one of the leading causes of automobile accidents. Regardless, there are still some people who partake in this activity. Let's spread the word and save lives about the dangers of texting and driving. Along with educating teens about the importance of being responsible and safe. -Stephanie FBS

Why does this break your heart?

This breaks my heart because so many young students have died from not being able to focus on driving, but instead had to focus on their phone. This one mistake while driving was their last. -John Wills HTEA

More than 3,000 teens die each year in crashes caused by texting while driving -Dima FBS

This breaks my heart because I have family who knew people who hurt or killed themselves or others while texting and driving. Also, I have seen the damage it has caused to families and communities when these tragedies happen. Too many people die and are injured every year due to texting and driving. - Jack FBS‍
I have seen friends die from texting and driving... It breaks my heart because they didn't live a full life, People need to understand texting and driving is just as dangerous as anything else and it needs to be stopped. Due to these tragic events 3,000 students die each year... -Baylee FBS

This breaks my heart because of how, as said above, almost 3,000 teens die a year from texting and driving. It makes me sick, and I am very lucky to not have any family member or loved one killed by texting and driving. If someone asks me why not to text and drive, I would tell them "I don't feel like dying today". - Andrew FBS

Too many teens and even adults end their lives early just to send a text that isn't necessary. -PoppaPegg DMS

every year thousands of people are being killed or seriously injured by car crashes. we drive every day and so often we tend to forget how important it is to be safe while driving. we need to be reminded of how dangerous it actually is to drive. even if you're going like 5 mph above speed limit it makes a big difference. -Stephanie FBS

This breaks my heart because so many people's lives are taken away from them because someone wanted to text, it is pointless death that shouldn't have happened. -Karlie WHS

This breaks my heart because texts are the number one distraction while driving in this country. If people didn't see or hear the text, maybe they wouldn't take their eyes off the road for that one fatal second. With this app, I feel like I'm doing something important to help a lot of people.-- GingaNinja DMS
I have recently started driving and I notice people driving and being distracted by their phone. If everyone would just turn their phones off when getting into a vehicle, it would save a number of lives. -Tyler WHS

This is a heartbreak to me because there are so many tragedies each year. People don't realize how dangerous this really is. So many lives could be saved if everyone would stop. -Jacob WHS

This is heartbreaking because so many people do it and don't think before they do. I left for vacation this morning and I saw so many people on their phones while driving that it wasn't funny. Especially when I was in traffic through Atlanta I saw people with phones completely in front of their faces and it not only put other drivers at risk of getting hit, but it slowed down the cars around too, causing the traffic we sat in. -PoppaPegg

Research and Facts About this Heartbreak

Why should other people care about this heartbreak?

Others should care because people are still practicing bad habits like texting,it not only effects the people around the driver who are texting and driving but the people inside the vehicle for instants even parents have the habit which is teaching their children that it is okay to text and drive. a majority of teens happen to do it. and we would like to put a stop to this horrible car crashing habit. they affect the safety of others such as their best friends and neighbors. many innocent people are killed because of a bad habit. so much money is used on medical, law and enforcement, and clean up not to mention but all the backing up of traffic. something so small can create so much hurt and impact so many others than just that one person behind the wheel. stephanie-fbs

Texting and driving is taking place 800,000 times at any given moment. 75% of teens believe texting and driving is common. 78% of teens say they would quit texting and driving if someone would just say something to them. The average text takes 5 seconds, so when people text and drive they are driving blind for 5 seconds. Texting while driving takes over 3000 lives per year, and that number is only rising. 11.6 million crashes are caused every year due to texting and driving. Texting while driving is bad and dangerous, with this app I think we can stop some texting.- GingaNinja DMS

App Features

  • Statistics showing the dangers
  • Recent News Articles about texting and driving crashes from the newspaper
  • The notifications will only be turned off when the user opens the app before they start driving.
  • For all mobile devices
  • However, if the location services analyze that the person is possibly on a plane, the app will not turn off notifications.
  • Have a take a pledge to not text and drive
  • Show facts about the dangers
  • Tips to share with friends to stop
  • add visual aid to show the story of how students get a shot of dopa mine when they receive a notification
  • show some stories of crash survivors
  • also show stories of families where a student didn't survive
  • There should be an incentive for not texting and driving (other than staying alive). Does anyone know something we could do? -PoppaPegg
  • This link takes you to the SnapChat filter of mph. Maybe we could use the same thing SnapChat does to find out how fast you are going as the app is on. -PoppaPegg
  • A switch on the home screen of the device so your texts and calls don't come through until you turn the app back off. - GingaNinja DMS
  • If people can't receive the call or text, then they won't have to worry about picking up their phone while driving.-GingaNinja DMS
  • Have a text automatically send back saying something like "Text me later. I'm driving." Then have options the user can pick from for links that if you click, takes you to a website that explains dangers. -PoppaPegg
  • have a driving mood on all devices so no calls can come through while driving. -karlieWHS
  • make all calls and text come through your car kind of like "hands free" just alittle more inproved-karlieWHS

Heartbreak Creations

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https://www.mindmeister.com/664281653/texting-and-driving (Send me a message with email for invite the mind mapping)


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Students Mapping this Heartbreak

GingaNinja - DMS
John Wills - HTEA
Andrew N - FBS
Poppa Pegg - DMS
Jack M - FBS
Baylee K - FBS
Dima Polegenko - FBS
Jacob May - WHS
Tyler Harris - WHS
Stephanie - FBS
Macey Moye - WHS
Karlie Jones- WHS

Apps Names

Stop Texting and Driving - Tyler
Safe Driving- Tyler
Driving Companion- Tyler
Block-It- Tyler
Saving Lives- Tyler
Lockdown -Baylee
Safe away FROM texting -Baylee
Lock it -Baylee
"DT" (don't text and drive) -Baylee

Backseat Driver- Stephanie
Smart Driving - Stephanie
iDrive - Stephanie
Smart teen - Stephanie
It can wait - Jacob
Young and Dumb - Jacob
Was it worth it - Jacob
It's not That important - Jacob
Put it down - Jacob
Wait or Crash - Dima
Safety first - Dashauna
The Last Txt - PoppaPegg
Send It Later - PoppaPegg
Don't be a Statistic - PoppaPegg
Think Now. Text Later. - Poppa Pegg
Life Vs. Text -Poppa Pegg
txt temptation tamer - PoppaPegg
no distractions. -Poppa Pegg
Wreck prevention -PoppaPegg
eyes on the road -PoppaPegg
no notifications -PoppaPegg

App Suggestions

Jacob- WHS